Young Executives for Responsible Business

Young Executives for Responsible Business(YERB) is a dutch-based network that unites young professionals and students who want to contribute to responsible business. YERB was founded in the summer of 1995. The formation of the network is inspired by Social Venture Network (SVN), the United States based Students for Responsible Business (SRB) and Business for Social Responsibility (BSR). This page is designed to inform you about our organisation and to find people who see possibilities for a like-wise organisation in their own country.

What information can be found here?

What is YERB
Information about YERB, its history starting in summer 1995, its goal and its structure.
YERB Calendar
The 1998 calender of YERB activities in the Netherlands and reports on these activities.
Links to other organizations concerning Responsible Business.
Become a Member
Information on a YERB-membership and an application form to subscribe or to get more information on setting up your own organisation in your own country.
Starting a chapter
Information on how to start a YERB-chapter in your country or region.
Email to YERB
If you have any questions concerning the information you have found, please email us.

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