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Aiesec Netherlands
Aiesec International
Businesses for Social Responsibility (BSR)
Social Venture Network (SVN)
Social Venture Network Europe (SVNE)
Students for Responsible Business (SRB)
RSM Business Ethics Club Club for MBA's of the Rotterdam School of Management concerning ethics and social responsibility

Electronic Magazines

'Fusi@n Business Magazine', Fusi@n Business Magazine launches a 'Web based BI-weekly magazine and daily 'News & Press' service. It's a one-stop-shop for 'progressive' business.
'Better World 'Zine', A magazine which provides information on environmental and social responsible issues.
'Corporate Conduct Quarterly', A magazine on ethical issues.
'Centre for Applied Ethics', Papers written by scholars of UBC on ethical issues.
'Sustainable Business Network Journal', Covers the cross-section of sustainable business from renewable energy to social investing.
'Greenmoney Journal', Issues especially on ecology.
'The Environmental Magazine', The name says it all.

Interesting Social Responsibility Sites

Homepage of the SA8000 standard Everything you always wanted to know about SA 8000, but didn't dare to ask.
'Environment News Service, A website dedicated to the latest breakingt news on the environment. Email service is available too.
'Jay`s Socially-Responsible Links', A good start for a search on the internet on Social Responsible Business.

Other intersting sites on social issues

Standards for the New Millenium Information on the first North American Conference on Social and Ethical Auditing, Accounting and Reporting from 19-21 October 1998
The International Corporate Environmental Reporting Site. Environmental reports from different companies are found here.
Michael Moore's Film Company . Seen on TV!!! Michael Moore's dealings with white-collar criminality within corporate America.


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